I AM an Artist

I daydream and hallucinate. I see the beauty behind and in between. I relish in the purest of nature and the deepest of pains, for all things can fuel transformation of one's undeniable metamorphosis and inadvertently become the catalyst to something amazing.

Life continues to hurl me to the bottoms of many famous canyons: Despair, Tribulation, Depression and Pain. Yet because I am laced with an unrelenting passion for life, these canyons are somehow humorously married to the highest peaks of Happiness, Joy, Amazement, and Resurrecting Innocence. I believe Art is the vessel to enable my travels from one extreme to the other. It allows me the ability to harness the purity of I experience and project it outward into a tangible work of art. In this way, I think of myself as an Alchemist of Life. Whether my medium is Sterling Silver and Precious Stones, or I am giving life to an image from inside my head via pencil or pastels; I am successfully channeling emotion and thought into an object, manifesting the inception of true art where the end is most often much better than the means of its invention.

While every piece of my jewelry is created with love, allure, and an insatiable passion from the core of my essence, each of my drawings is derived from a meaningful concept, often playing with whim and irony. Both elements are derived from my natural sense of intuition. Everything I create is truly crafted as a masterwork of art; it is unique, carefully detailed, and carries a beautifully raw, positive energy. Ignited as a quick thought, solidified in conceptual sight mimicked just behind the eyelids; the images I try to convey are renditions of the intricacies of my mind. As an artist, my meticulous tenacity is my strength, my focus and patience-my tools; and my passion imprints the aesthetics felt and seen from within the depths of my soul. I am excited to reveal the art I have always aspired to create, the energy that kindles it, and ultimately share the light of expression that should perpetually resonate within us all.

Love, Delphine

From the Blog of Delphine French

  • 10/19/11

    It’s like my fingers are the dam that traps the flood of words that rush… The force of which could crush me.  Does me. Thrusts me into an unspeakable disaster, when reality is gnawing at my feet While I chase after it. I can’t scream. I can’t cry.  There’s just too much inside. And now it’s trapped at my mouth.  When in truth, I’m bleeding out.  Of ever pour, every orifice. The death of this is the cause of this. And then I remember “It is what it is.” But it’s not enough.  There’s still a dam.  Damn this….Damn this… It isn’t shifting fast enough, healing fast

  • QUALITY Handmade Jewelry

    There are innumerable artists out there that create handmade jewelry so it is imperative to stick to what separates me from the rest.  Aside from my style, which I strive to remain completely unique, it is the quality of my work and the materials I select that help to set me apart from many others.  Of course, I am not one in a million by any means, but I am one amongst a smaller crowd, and I am satisfied by that.  Since the beginning of making jewelry, I have committed to only use Sterling Silver wire and genuine stones, gems,

  • Facing Rejection as an Artist

    Facing Rejection as an Artist Trying to get into the great big community of retail is a step I have needed to take for the longest time.  Unfortunately, as an artist, I stand frozen behind the fearful realm of rejection.  Regardless of the bountiful amounts of praise and positive support from my friends and customers; I still become a chicken when it comes to pushing myself past hiding behind the safety of a computer screen and selling online.   I’ve learned that this is something that yields many artists.  It’s the face-to-face confrontation that scares the bejesus out of me.  The reflective

  • Dos Idiomas

    It’s like the new social acceptance for words to seep into the ears And whisper of years of inequality.  Diabolically dismantling the phantom of the underdog, the latest blog  Delivering expression quite deliberately in dos idiomas, Mixed tongue, double languages derived from broken-down carriages Arrived by way of the very same expressway of identity Uniqueness graded blatantly based on itemized ethnicity…. But I shouldn’t say that because I’m just an uncultured Gringa.  Believing that I’m not really oblivious to the many flavors of the world Just because my skin is sun painted and I was born a Minnesota Girl. I carry

  • Drawing A Spiritual Connection

    If you have taken a few moments to browse through my galleries, you may have noticed that I am not into drawing portraits and would rather draw a made up creature than a realistic person.  I have always been the type of artist to tap into my own imagination rather than producing still life artwork.  But a few years ago, I was approached to draw a special young person as a gift for my client’s sister who was the mother of the boy.  Ricky was born with a severely disabling health condition, which I believe was spinal bifida (?).  His

  • Tagua Nut Jewelry (in my own way ;)

    About 2 years ago I came across a bead store in Jacksonville, FL that had a bowl of fun colored nut slices.  I learned that these were called Tagua (Tah Wah) Nuts and are the same consistency of ivory from elephant tusks.  I purchased four of them because I was too indecisive of which color I wanted.  With a new sense of excitement and inspiration, I quickly created “Caribbean Cool,” “Strawberry Milk, ” and “Coconut Milk.”  That was the beginning of my Tagua Nut Jewelry.  Then I stepped up my design abilities quite a bit and created my very first

  • Drawings: From iLid images to Delphine French..

    Many people who recognize my art are familiar with the name iLid Images.  iLid Images was born in order to comprehend the catalyst of my drawings.  It was the symbol that connected my mental understanding of intellectual energy to the final pieces of work I so enjoy creating.  A tangible manifestation, perhaps.  But to track the images, it would be best to acknowledge a beginning to my drawings.  It wasn’t until the age of fifteen that I even began to take drawing seriously.  I was always into crafts and coloring, etc. as a child; but I never recognized any natural

  • A sweet note...

    Hi sweetie....just wanted to let you know- browsing your website at the moment & i never get tired of seeing your art work & jewelry it is all so mystical and fanciful. I love it, keep up the awesome work! Jamie Gail Pennington

  • The Birth of My Wire Wrapped Jewelry

    My wire wrapped jewelry is the newest addition, bringing allure and variety to my capacity of art.  It originated as a personal fulfillment.  As an artist, I have found I am equipped with a pretty particular type of style.  My fashion sense is absolutely a direct expression of my inner being, resulting in many different dynamics of dress.  Hence, I have always found it a bit difficult to shop for attire that suits me perfectly, let alone coming across just the right accent pieces.  As a result of such an endless challenge, I decided to take matters into my own

  • Continuing the Gift...

    I was lucky enough to receive one of Delphine's necklaces as a gift and since then I've been hooked! I love that Delphine creates unique necklaces that you can't find anywhere. She uses beautiful, high quality stones and crystals to create amazing designs. They are extremely stylish and beautiful, I get compliments on my necklaces everywhere I go! Now I have become the one who gives out Delphine's necklaces as gifts. I love that I can look on the website and order a necklace that she's already made, or I can tell her about the person and she creates a unique