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I was lucky enough to receive one of Delphine’s necklaces as a gift and since then I’ve been hooked! I love that Delphine creates unique necklaces that you can’t find anywhere. She uses beautiful, high quality stones and crystals to create amazing designs. They are extremely stylish and beautiful, I get compliments on my necklaces everywhere I go!

Now I have become the one who gives out Delphine’s necklaces as gifts. I love that I can look on the website and order a necklace that she’s already made, or I can tell her about the person and she creates a unique design just for them. I’ve even just told Delphine what colors I like and she comes up with something gorgeous every single time, without fail! I’ve given necklaces to my friends and family for birthdays, holidays, and even as hostess gifts. Everybody loves receiving special, one of a kind, custom gifts, and Delphine makes it easy for me to give that to the people I love.

Maria Perez

Sacramento, CA