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Many people who recognize my art are familiar with the name iLid Images.  iLid Images was born in order to comprehend the catalyst of my drawings.  It was the symbol that connected my mental understanding of intellectual energy to the final pieces of work I so enjoy creating.  A tangible manifestation, perhaps.  But to track the images, it would be best to acknowledge a beginning to my drawings.  It wasn’t until the age of fifteen that I even began to take drawing seriously.  I was always into crafts and coloring, etc. as a child; but I never recognized any natural connection to drawing until I was ignited and inspired by a close friend who drew often.  After seeing the freedom my friend possessed by expressing his own image on paper, I went into reflection and began to find things I wanted to actualize.  My first self-initiated attempts at releasing my mental profundity were experiments of creatures.  Sea life morphed with land animals, aliens arriving on earth, make believe critters, dwarf skeletons…they all began to come to life from behind my eyes.  Based on feedback, I learned of my abilities and apparent natural talent, while inside never felt I had quite mastered any of the concepts I had grasped at mentally.  As a perfectionist by birth, I turned my hobby into a lengthened process of silence; placing care and focus on every aspect of my drawings, investing in every detail.  Favoring graphite, I have worked ever since to please my own self-critic by being able to connect with the “realest looking visual” I can muster.  This painstaking process has not only paid off aesthetically, but it has grown into a fantastic therapy.  It is a means of creation just as much as it has transformed into a means of release.  It is certain that an audience is likely able to connect with many different emotions that have seeped onto the paper and filled into my images, whether they be of sorrow, joy, fantasy, heartbreak, love of life, freedom of contentment… With that being expressed, feel free to experience the experiments from behind my eyes.

iLid Images is what I connect with when I think of my drawings.  However, I am retiring the domination of this reference to simplify things and focus on myself as the artist, rather than an outward concept.  After all, I am the conceptualist that creates these images and visualizes them before fruition.  Not my eyelids ;) .  Either name you refer to me as, I truly hope you enjoy my work!