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Facing Rejection as an Artist

Trying to get into the great big community of retail is a step I have needed to take for the longest time.  Unfortunately, as an artist, I stand frozen behind the fearful realm of rejection.  Regardless of the bountiful amounts of praise and positive support from my friends and customers; I still become a chicken when it comes to pushing myself past hiding behind the safety of a computer screen and selling online.   I’ve learned that this is something that yields many artists.  It’s the face-to-face confrontation that scares the bejesus out of me.  The reflective response that just may come as too critical or worse, disenchantment that I disrelish so greatly.  After all, I put my heart and soul into every piece of art I create.  And truth be told, if I can expose myself through the raw form of art, laced with threads of my  essence, then I can face the greatest vulnerability of life as an artist; and I believe it needs to be done.

Whenever I’ve revealed my reservations of “selling myself as an artist,” I am welcomed with notions of similar feelings and the same fears of rejection and vulnerability from other artists.  In a way, many budding artists, like myself, never allow themselves to truly peak successfully because they stop themselves.  I have stopped myself for years because of this.

This year, I made it a goal to bypass the infamous fears of rejection as an artist, no matter what it took.  For the first six months of this year I have remained idle, writing off the goal as something unattainable.  But that is simply ridiculous!  So last week I decided to pull up my bootstraps and seek exposure.  I held my breath and emailed several establishments asking them to simply check out my website in hopes that what I create may compliment their shops.  That was all it took to take the next step.  I received a handful of very polite declines, but with those my work was also praised.  So that wasn’t so bad.  I also received some great responses, one of which was a spa I really liked based on its website.  The owner invited me to bring my work in to give it a whirl.  Now, my jewelry is on display in Cote D’Azur spa and I spent the day truly living life as an artist, without fearing rejection, criticism, or dislike.  And it was literally as simple as trying.

What I learned from this is that fear is much scarier as the intangible in the mind than the reality of what may actually happen.  I am an artist.  No one can take that away from me….except me.  No doubt, I will continue having that imbedded insatiable fear of rejection, but in time, with each step, I will eventually be able to expose myself in the raw, beautiful, creative sense that we all become when really embracing our calling.  In the meantime, I am on to email more shops to wait for the next “yes.”