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I always suggest my handcrafted jewelry as a great unique gift idea because it is much more personable to select something that no one else will have (or very few people, if anything).  To give a gift with thought behind it is, in my opinion, much more valuable and memorable than something that can be purchased anywhere and by, typically, hundreds or even thousands of others.  One of the greatest aspects of giving handmade jewelry as a gift instead something mass-produced is the love and intention that is put into each and every piece.  With my jewelry, every piece of wearable art that I make is given a small piece of me, and that imprint stays with the item long after it has left my possession.  I create from my heart, and from a place of deep seeded passion.  I express my soul through the creative design of every necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings I make; while always striving to pass on or ignite a smile.  Good quality handcrafted jewelry is special, and it offers up the opportunity to request a specific design based on the gift-receiver’s likes and personality.    I love getting custom requests to use particular stones, style, and color in order to best suit the future owner of my jewelry!  Not only does it excite me and challenge me to create to the best of my ability in order to meet the request, it gives me the chance to create with intuition.  I get to use my gut feeling about the person, drawing from what I end up learning about her, in order to design something beautiful and intended specifically for her in mind.  Anything personalized is extra meaningful.  The other great aspect to gifting great handcrafted jewelry is the collectability of it.  I relish in how many of my clients have become “repeat customers.”  It is awesome to be able to accessorize many different outfits with unique style, and something incredibly different, while enhancing one’s fashion presence.  What better way to do it than to alternate accentuating pieces of compliment-deserving, conversation-sparking uniquely wonderful handcrafted jewelry?