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There are innumerable artists out there that create handmade jewelry so it is imperative to stick to what separates me from the rest.  Aside from my style, which I strive to remain completely unique, it is the quality of my work and the materials I select that help to set me apart from many others.  Of course, I am not one in a million by any means, but I am one amongst a smaller crowd, and I am satisfied by that.  Since the beginning of making jewelry, I have committed to only use Sterling Silver wire and genuine stones, gems, pearls, and other beautiful elements of the earth.  I also only use Swarovski crystals as opposed to the many cheaper opponents that look almost just the same.  Knowing the difference in quality is a great advantage to identifying my work.  Handmade jewelry can range from the category to the style to the components, and it seems many artists that make such creations stick to their own style of work.  Unfortunately though, many others mimic styles and create cheaper versions of very unique pieces by skimping on the quality of materials, producing bargain replicas.  This is acceptable to some, but not to all.  For instance, when giving a gift, many people would not head to the dollar store to find the most thoughtful item. Quality is worth, plain and simple. I pride myself in making quality handmade jewelry.  Some of my clients have asked why I don’t do very much gold jewelry and my answer is simple.  I will gladly make it upon request, but gold is currently $1,539 per ounce!  In order to continue making quality handmade jewelry in gold, it would cost the customer 50 times more than making the same great piece in Sterling silver.

Also, when choosing my materials, I make sure to pay attention to which bead stores offer high quality stones sans chips and blemishes.  I hand pick my materials as often as possible, sometimes traveling in order to find the greatness I am looking for.  I also try to gain rapport with online businesses in order to make sure I receive exactly what I am looking for as opposed to something mediocre.  There is a lot of attention to detail going into assuring quality handmade jewelry, but it is worth being able to stand behind my product and my work as an artist dedicated to making great pieces.

I will always continue to perfect my style as a jewelry maker, maintaining my uniquity and creativity in order to produce greatness.  And I will never jeopardize the quality of my work or consider producing cheap replicas.  It is a guarantee I offer my customers and self, alike.  I offer quality handmade jewelry.  It is simply imperative to be as distinguished as possible to remain noticeable, memorable, and eventually sought after.  We should all expect nothing less.