Many Things of Many Moments

Many Things of Many Moments is a drawing with a story, poetically described in silence, screaming loudly!  This was a drawing that started while I was on a trip to New York with my boyfriend of about a year (yes the same dysfunctional one I have mentioned in my heavier drawings) and I began the drawing while staring out the window at this incredible city full of buildins, money, poverty, and endless stories.  I hallucinated an image of an asian man hovering over one of the buildings and it sparked inspiration.  So it began..

As soon as we got back from that crazy roller coaster of a trip, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with his ex girlfriend, only to learn that he had literally been living a double life, seeing us both for the entire year.  I was ultimately destroyed.  Everything I had known was a lie. Everything.  Soon the drawing took a turn, coming to fruition with a very reflective mindset.  It wasn’t al negative, though laced with some.  It was more of a state of frozen shock, viral emotions, and an insatiable need to make sense of things..Everything in this drawing has a reason and a connection to the next image on the page.  I sometimes explain all of it, to wide eyes listeners, but I am apt to wish for each viewer to create their own connection.  It is up to you ;)  Let the picture worth a thousand words speak to YOU.

Some people have called me “Salvador Deli” because of this drawing. ;)

This original is a 9″x12″ and is drawn in graphite.  It is available for $1500.

Prints available as:

8″ x 10″ Matted Print ~ $25.00

5″ x 7″ Matted Print ~ $14.00

Your print will arrive matted in black by default, unless otherwise specified.  I will work with you to the best of my ability to provide alternate mats colors, upon special request.

Thank you, and please enjoy my work!

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