Weavers of the World

This drawing is particularly is extra meaningful to me.  After my spider bites (see the About section of my website for the full story), I was grasping for a life I was realizing I would never get back.  Like most people, I searched for a reason WHY I was bitten by four deadly spiders, and consequently, why it was they didn’t kill me.  I had a purpose to fulfill.  I was being gifted some energy work at the time by a women I had met at a hip hop church I was visiting and she doubly gifted me with an excerpt from one of her favorite books.  It was called “Animal Speak”, relaying the varying assets of each animal totem.  Of course, it would seem, one of mine must be the spider.  Reading “Animal Speak”, I learned that the spider is known to the native Americans as the “Weavers of the World,” weaving any such trinity such as past, present, future or mother, father, son, etc together.   They are also the deliverers of magic through words and art.  How ironic , then, that I use my words (through poetry) and art to turn my ugly into beautiful.  So then, the spider…and me…are the weavers of the world ;).

This drawing features my own hand and is created in graphite on an 8″x10″ paper.  It is available for $1400.

Prints available as:

8″ x 10″ Matted Print ~ $25.00

5″ x 7″ Matted Print ~ $14.00

Your print will arrive matted in black by default, unless otherwise specified.  I will work with you to the best of my ability to provide alternate mats colors, upon special request.

Thank you, and please enjoy my work!

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