Pink Vibration

This boldly dyed tagua nut makes this signature Tagua Nut Twist style necklace as brilliant as it gets.  The color is selectively complimented with pale and calming light blue and white.  This necklace is a great piece of wearable art for anyone who appreciates the brilliance of pink.

Featuring: Tagua Nut, Apatite, Coral, Turquoise, Swarovski Crystal.

I use only Sterling Silver wire and silver findings.

Chains are available in three lengths: 16″, 18″, 20″

Give the gift of beauty to yourself or a loved one!  And be proud to own an original work of art.


PS.  I am most often capable of replicating any of my work, so if you come across a necklace that has been sold, but would like me to recreate it for you, please contact me via the contact form on this site.  OR, if you would like to put your own twist (changing color, stones, style, etc) I am more than happy to create your own custom designed work.



This product has sold out, but it is possible to order a duplicate. Please contact Delphine via the form on the Contact page to find out more.