Tree Of Life 03

The Tree Of Life necklaces are some of my newest creations, completely and uniquely one-of-a-kind.  Each necklace is hand drawn, so it is an original work of art, and then built up meticulously with color, gold foiling, and flocking.  It then undergoes multiple polyurethane coats in order to protect it from environmental wears.  The Trees of Life provide a natural beauty while maintaining the funky, cool look of wearable art, and they have been very successful thus far.  I will continue to create on my own whim, but am also happy to design your very own custom requested Tree Of Life..any color, any style.  The pendants adorn either a cord only or cord with ribbon, with antique bronze findings.   These also have the ability to get engraved on the back for an extra special touch (for the engraving cost).

I will naturally pair the pendant with what I feel is the most complimentary cord(/ribbon), but will gladly switch it to your own choice upon special request.

Give yourself, and those you love, a beautiful Tree Of Life.



This product has sold out, but it is possible to order a duplicate. Please contact Delphine via the form on the Contact page to find out more.