January 17, 2011  |   Blog, Delphine's Picks, Poetry   |   0 Comments

Confined to the limits
of starch white linens
Where railings are the assailants
of my innocent restraint.
Drawing lines of metal confines
While tracing the wires and tubes
of my physical sanctity
And my immobility is propped on only one pillow..
I am in the position to watch a runway
of underpaid zombies
Fulfilling their duties by
Filling my belly
With miniscule gems glazed in all the colors of the rainbow..
And I know
That this bedroom I’m forced to share
Stare in
while I imagine what’s going on behind the snow
Of our outdated television
spitting dialogue in a foreign language
Channel seven is the Spanish station
While I imagine what goes on
in the minds of the orderlies
Performing duties on my roommate
while she screams In pain
with unintelligible obscenities..
And the days go by in solitude
a prisoner left defenseless
My visiting hours are cut short
because I have another analyzation
Just another bodily examination
perhaps an unspoken mental isolation–
Like me in this room, and these tubes, and that fact,
that they tell me;
‘I’m sick’ ..