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My wire wrapped jewelry is the newest addition, bringing allure and variety to my capacity of art.  It originated as a personal fulfillment.  As an artist, I have found I am equipped with a pretty particular type of style.  My fashion sense is absolutely a direct expression of my inner being, resulting in many different dynamics of dress.  Hence, I have always found it a bit difficult to shop for attire that suits me perfectly, let alone coming across just the right accent pieces.  As a result of such an endless challenge, I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally ;) .  I ended up collecting a couple of nice stones, getting some sterling silver wire, and going to work.  Voila! Jewelry was no longer out of reach.  After wearing the unique design to work and out with friends, I couldn’t help but to notice an extraordinary amount of compliments.  It was incredible.  Quickly following the birth of my first few wire wrapped pieces, I was approached with desires to purchase.  As I began to adhere to these sweet demands, my skills quickly sharpened and expanded.  My wire wrapping rapidly grew more detailed and articulate.  My jewelry really took shape and each piece carried a character of its own.  I continued to perfect my new hobby, but soon realized that my art was inadvertently taking off into a small business.  Onlookers of my works in progress became customers, even repeat business.  People began asking where I had purchased the necklaces that I was wearing around my neck.  And it was with great pleasure that I was able to respond that they were my own personal creations.  Now, with an adverse collection, I am happy to reveal my eclectic versatility.  My new site features an array of magnificent pieces, handcrafted individually and ready to compliment every woman.

My wire wrapped jewelry is made purely of sterling silver and the compatibility of precious gems, Swarovski crystals, stones, shells, bone, seeds/nuts, etc.  I hand select all of my materials from many suppliers and still order all of my sterling silver from New Mexico.  Each piece of wire wrapped jewelry is crafted with time, care, and a perfectionist’s eye to ensure the highest quality of my productions.  Being handmade, every piece of work is original, unique, and an exaltation of the gems it is comprised of.  I work to display the rudimentary beauty of nature, crossed with the glory and limitlessness of art.  Created with the natural essence of the earth, my wire wrapped jewelry is a pure and raw treasure that is mastered to carry an exotic energy and definitive allure.