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I might have a small voice,
a small frame
At first glance I’d be the last
selected to play in your game..

But there is a wall of steel between your eyes and mine.

a journey unfathomable, the test of all time..
I can self label as “Warrior”, i know how to fight
It’s a life I was born to, the darkness of night.
Lacings of tortures sewn into my arms,
Neurons reformatted, twisted
into prison bars..
Ready to impale the nail biting,
stomach tightening
lacerating hatred of pain..
Concreting the secret and letting torment reign.
I know how to fight..
Warrior am I.
Climbing an uphill battle, till the day I choose to die.
Trapped in the wrath of a lifetime of
challenge, battling the blackness phantom..
a shadow of who I used to be,
mocking, stalking, slowly trying to suffocate me.
It takes a Warrior to live life past..
Past the glance of soulful blasphemy,
past the last abusive disaster..
Past the blast of sickness, secrets, holocaust-like aftermath
..I fight, I survive…I am therefore…
A  Warrior..of Life.

Warrior am I.

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  • Bubber

    June 24th, 2011 on 2:02 pm

    Woah nelly, how about them alppes!